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  • That's the feeling you want to experience when you look at an incredible photograph. In fact, that's the feeling you want EVERYONE to experience when they look at YOUR photographs. If the photograph doesn't grab you and make you say "AHHH" within the first 3 seconds, chances are it's not an incredible shot.
  • SNEAKPEEK PHOTOGRAPHY wants to introduce YOU to the "AHHH" factor. We don't just take pictures at random and hope for the best. We take the Art of photography to the "AHHH" level.
  • We know how to make your eyes talk. We know how to make you look "thru" the lens instead of just "at" the lens.
  • And we know how to bring thoughts, expressions, and feelings out of you that you never knew you had.
  • HEADSHOTS: For the budding newbie or the seasoned professional, we create incredible Headshots suitable for Theatre, Commercials, Television, and Film.
  • THEATRE & LIVE EVENTS: We'll photograph your cast for professional show shots, your Cabaret Act for your website or portfolio or even you and your friends on stage at the local Karaoke night!